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Resident Evil 2 Board game successfully funded on Kickstarter
  Wed 27 Sep 2017, 7:36 AM by TheSelfishGene

Steamforged games have opened a Kickstarter for a licensed Resident Evil 2 tabletop game.
It is designed for between 1 and 4 players, and is expected to release in September 2018. Kickstarter exclusive rewards are available before the game receives a general retail release afterwards

The project was successfully funded within hours and there are continuous stretch goals to unlock.

A video of the gameplay can be seen on the kickstarter page, as well as prototype models and cards which will feature in the final game.

Biohazard 7 Gold Edition and Biohazard 7 DLC announcements
  Sat 9 Sep 2017, 4:58 AM by TheSelfishGene

Biohazard 7: Resident Evil will also be re-released as a Gold Edition, which includes the Banned Footage vol 1 and 2 DLCs as well as the newly announced third content piece; End of Zoe. This is the last piece to round out the 'season pass' and it is also able to be purchased seperately. A small teaser trailer has been released for the DLC too.

The re-release will be available on the 12th of December.

The previously-announced and delayed 'Not a Hero' DLC will also be released free to Biohazard/Resident Evil 7 players on this date.

Thanks BSAA . Org!

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard DLC 'Not A Hero' delayed indefintely
  Wed 26 Apr 2017, 4:02 AM by TheSelfishGene

Capcom Japan have published a video to Youtube apologising for a delay to the anticipated Resident Evil 7 'Not A Hero' chapter.
No release date has been set as yet.
The video explains (in Japanese) that the DLC will be released when it meets their high standards.


Here is the English language announcement to those in the ambassador program. Source u/zombieali on reddit
Attachment 10407

Game Developer's Conference presentation on Resident Evil 7
  Wed 15 Mar 2017, 3:45 AM by TheSelfishGene

A Game Developer's Conference presentation on Resident evil 7 has been uploaded.

Titled Reliving the Horror: Taking 'Resident Evil 7' Forward by Looking Back, it is almost 60 minutes long and features Director Koshi Nakanishi and
Peter Fabiano (Senior Manager of Global R&D, Capcom Japan).

It's an interesting talk on how Capcom arrived on the concepts and styles for RE7. It shows prototype footage and concept arts. Abandoned ideas are revealed and discussed.

The GDC description:

Maintaining a game franchise can be both challenging and rewarding. Game Director Koshi Nakanishi and Senior Manager Peter Fabiano explain how Capcom took the 'Resident Evil' franchise somewhere new and different, while keeping true to its original concepts. They will review and discuss various facets of conceptualization, production and postmortem phases.

Invader Studios' Daymare: 1998 is up on Kickstarter
  Wed 15 Feb 2017, 7:49 PM by Carnivol

Invader Studios, the small Italian developer that's probably best known to most here as the developer that made the Resident Evil 2: Reborn gameplay demo in the Unreal Engine and later on was invited to come visit Capcom HQ, just put up their Kickstarter for their first original/solo project; Daymare: 1998. Whilst the trailer linked to in the text there is an old trailer, it absolutely shows signs of heading in the right direction. However, if you need more to be convinced that Daymare: 1998 is one to keep an eye on, it's worth noting that the team has received plenty of praise from a variety of members of the development teams of various Resident Evil titles.

If you're curious about the finer details about the goals of the project and general info on what's been said by whom, who's doing what and what to evt. expect from the final product, I suggest dropping by their Kickstarter page, read up, show your support if you're lusting for more, and spread the word. This is absolutely a case of a game being worked on by the fans, for the fans.

Link to kickstarter page: Here

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage volume 1 DLC is now available for purchase
  Wed 1 Feb 2017, 4:09 AM by TheSelfishGene

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage volume 1 DLC is now available for purchase

It contains three pieces of content.

A battle against the Molded to survive until dawn.

You must escape from a room, similar to the Happy Birthday tape in Resident Evil 7. You can not make too much noise or Marguerite will come and investigate and attack if she finds that you've been trying to escape. You must reset the room as you solve the puzzles so she doesn't become suspicious

Ethan Must Die
A difficult game mode with an interesting progression system
Instead, everything in this game mode appears to be randomized. The higher the star rating on a crate the better item it could have. When you die, youíll leave a gravestone behind and if you make it back to that gravestone on your next playthrough, then you get a randomly selected item from your past corpse given back to you.
The DLC costs $9.99 USD and a season pass is available; which also includes Banned Footage volume 2, and an as yet unannounced third piece of content.

Biohazard 7: Banned footage 2 DLC first images and details
  Sat 28 Jan 2017, 10:40 PM by TheSelfishGene

Capcom Japan Facebook page have released some details of the Banned Footage 2 DLC compilation which is coming soon (thanks Google translate!).


Attachment 10363
A level overseen by Lucas Baker involving gambling on the lives or death of other captives.


Attachment 10365
This footage with a tragic tone shows the Baker house in an earlier state than Ethan sees in the main game.

Jack's 55th Birthday

Attachment 10364
It's Jack's 55th birthday and his appetite must be fed. This episode has a comical tone quite different to Biohazard 7.

The Biohazard Japan Facebook page can be found here

Hello Again
  Sat 28 Jan 2017, 12:02 PM by Dot50Cal

Hey there everyone!

It's Dot50Cal here. Over the past couple of days I've been working with Carnivol to get the site errors ironed out and I think we've patched up most of them. We've also updated some of the ancient entries on the right hand side of the main forum page with new releases and upcoming events. I know you're all probably deeply saddened by the realization that Resident Evil PSP (which as been a long-standing member of this section) will not be coming out, but cheer up! You may have been duped to buy a PSP for this reason but at least you gained a pretty good emulator machine.

In all seriousness though, its nice to be back around the site and working on things again. I had forgotten how many stupid little hacks and tweaks we used to get the site running in the past. Its been a fun trip down memory lane.

I've upgraded the forums to the latest version so hopefully that fixes any issues you all may have been getting. If you do notice issues, please report it in our thread here.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be working with Carnivol to see what he would like to see the main page become, and there is a good chance that the site may end up being completely overhauled. With that said, if you are interested in grabbing any content we currently have on the site (videos, articles, etc), I'd suggest you grab those and make a local copy. I've fixed the download links so they should all be working as well.

It is good to be back.

Resident Evil 7 - Reviews Round Up
  Mon 23 Jan 2017, 5:04 AM by aris13

Destructoid- 10/10

I had hoped to enjoy Resident Evil 7 for what it appeared to be: a strange, Western approach to the series. I didn't expect it to hark so close to the series' roots while managing to still bring some action and more intuitive controls. Production-wise, this is the best Capcom's ever done, with believable performances (wait 'til you see the Baker's son. Something about him is so freakishly real to me) and wonderfully creepy audio design. With or without VR, Capcom nailed the pulse-pounding atmosphere and I am finally legitimately excited to see what it's going to do next. Though the enemy design could have been more varied, the bosses more than make up for that. The last hour and boss is slightly underwhelming, but everything up to that is consistently amazing. Resident Evil 7 went beyond my expectations, and I feel we have an instant classic here. I want to jump back in right now, and I have a feeling I'll be doing so for years to come.
Games Radar - 9/10

However you play it, Resident Evilís back. Completely different and yet instantly familiar. Compared to the bloated action of the last few installments this is literally a Resi revelation, executing modern horror ideas, interesting characters, locations, and a fantastic atmosphere to create something that can stand proudly among its sources. Itís about as an essential a horror experience as you can get.
Rely On Horror - 9/10

Resident Evil is back, and Iím already hungry ó starved ó for more. Itís good to be home again.
Polygon - 9/10

I would have been pleasantly surprised with much less than Resident Evil 7 brings to bear. I would have settled for, been excited for "not bad." But the Resident Evil series has thrived for over 20 years now in part because of a willingness to change the franchise, to mutate with the times. Resident Evil 7's changes ó especially the shift to first-person ó may be off-putting to some. But it's an evolution that fits perfectly into the world and source material Capcom has created. It's hard to know if Resident Evil 7 will stand the test of time as much as classics like the original, or RE4. Taken on its own, however, it's an excellent game that pushes the series in worthy new directions.
IGN - 7.7/10

Resident Evil 7 grounds itself in elements that made the original great while still indulging in a risky new shift in style that both helps and hurts the beloved formula in equal measure. But itís also the closest a numbered sequel has come to recapturing Resident Evilís slow, but thrilling and atmospheric adventure game roots in a while ó a welcome return that I truly hope to see more of in the future.

EGM - 9.5/10

Resident Evil 7 might be the first must-own game of 2017. If youíre a fan of survival horror, then youíll recognize the tremendous return to form this was for Capcomís legendary series, and be equally thrilled and terrified by the atmosphere and level of immersion this experience provides. The narrative is driven by a pair of underdogs in Ethan and Mia Winters that you canít help but root for, and the mystery of the Baker plantation will keep you pushing on well after your voice has gone hoarse from screaming so much at your TV. Resident Evil is backóand I donít think it gets better than this.
GameSpot - 8/10

RE7 ends just as it starts to outstay its welcome, and after the fact, I felt like I'd survived a truly harrowing journey. The boss fights may be slightly inconsistent and certain sections might drag after a while, but RE7 is still a remarkable success. It has a clear vision and executes it with impressive patience and precision. By returning to horror, Resident Evil has once again become something special.
The Guardian - 5/5

2005ís Resident Evil 4 was an astonishing redefinition, not only of its series but also, thanks to the introduction of the Ďover-the-shoulderí perspective, of third-person action games in general. Resident Evil 7ís impact is more localised, but no less effective. Reinventing older game seriesí to fit ever expanding technological boundaries while maintaining their quiddity is one of the great challenges in game design. Indeed, itís one that Resident Evilís creators have failed to meet on numerous occasions. Resident Evil 7, by contrast, is a masterclass: breezily new, yet quintessentially in character with its illustrious forbearers.
Pure Playstation - 9/10 *includes spoilers*

Resident Evil 7 didn't just take the series back to form, it perfected it. Sure there will be satisfying combat but not before running around for your life filled with dread. The story and plot twists were entertaining as they were interesting and all the scares that came along with it. The voice actors did a phenomenal job and so did the level designers. There was never a time where I felt safe and ready to take on the next challenge. Old schools fans of the franchise will love this outing and is a perfect opportunity for new fans to hop on board. Just don't burn the midnight oil alone.
Warlegend (French) - 8.5/10 (17/20)

(Google Translated and slightly tidied up) Limited supplies, heavy atmosphere, puzzles to solve, all with a difficulty dosed well. Yes, it's a good game! The first-person view is a success, the graphics are perfect, the game is fluid and optimized, global release for a multiplatform game, Capcom has successfully bet its hand: this Resident Evil is a success despite a playtime reduced to about twelve hours and a bit lighter on content than some entries. Playing through in PSVR almost makes it a second game, hopefully Capcom brings HTC Vive / Occulus Rift compatibility one day to PC, but it's clear that we have a nugget for VR in RE7. I would even go so far as to say that it is the only must-have PSVR game at the moment. The ball is in the camp of Capcom: we would love to have added content to the game, simply because by the end we were left savoring for more. We expect DLC Capcom, or to see a sequel!
This Gen Gaming - 7.5/10

Resident Evil 7 is a much better Resident Evil game compared to Resident Evil 6 but itís not this generations Resident Evil 4, actually itís quite far from it. Itís also far from being a bad game, actually itís a pretty good game thatís worth purchasing but the issues keeps it from reaching itís full potential. Should Capcom continue with the first person Resident Evil games? It really depends on if they are actually committed to this new approach, and are not just cashing in on the virtual reality craze currently.
Famitsu - 9/9/9/9

Credit to Neogaf for the info.

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