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The title says it all...completely random pics.
  1. me
  2. emo dante/cool dante
  3. Conan Vestor
  4. thiathreadthrophy
  5. me
  6. nicholaiangel
  7. Photo1544
  8. Photo1543
  9. Photo1542
  10. weskerpage
  11. Some RE sprites I made awhile back.
  12. Episode two of Evil Shorts.
  13. comicone
  14. My 23rd Birthday cake!
  15. chris vs boulder
  16. Damn.
  17. A Barry signature I made.
  18. My avatar that I drew, and CODE_umb87 was nice enough to do an awesome paint job on it.
  19. My personal buisness card. ;)
  20. A picture of my Resident Evil cake I got on my 21st B-day. Unfortunatly the only picture I have is stuck on an old cell phone...
  21. Here is a ban mascot I made. The S. in Leon S. Kennedy stands not for Scott, but for scrubber...
  22. This is part 1 of a comic I made a few years back about the movies.
  23. The second part of the comic I made.
  24. My old door.
  25. Tofu Doll - The first plush RE doll made for me.
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