View Full Version : halloween

10-03-2007, 01:35 AM
i was wondering if anyone was going to dress up for it :P and ... does anyone still trick or treat :lol: i still do LOL!:waga waga

10-03-2007, 02:39 AM
Since I was married I had never played trick or treat.

Rancid Cheese
10-03-2007, 04:25 AM
I haven't been trick or treating in about 8/9 years although I did dress up 2 years ago for a party but I don't think we're doing anything this year really . . .

10-03-2007, 11:31 AM
my friend told me that he was going to be simon belmont from castlevania, so i figure i'll do something to match although not sure who : / sara belmont's gonna take a lot of fabric. anyway i want to go trick or treat this year but that'd depend on the weather, i don't like when it's too cold

10-03-2007, 12:34 PM
well, my buds and I for our senior year dressed up in Military Clothing and got candy that way...but I dont think we will be doing it this year, if anything a Halo 3 party will be in order :D

10-03-2007, 12:37 PM
lol guys always have some kinda halo party, aww it's kinda cute. i went to one once, it wasn't too bad

lol did you rake in lots of candy :lol:

10-03-2007, 04:53 PM
yea sure did, but my friend ate more then half and gave away most of it during school and I got shit for candy...I was so pissed, I left my bag on accident and he was suppose to bring it to me and totally fuckerd me over...grrr

10-03-2007, 06:05 PM
oh damn lol, what i do is i collect and gather all the candy like a mofo then i put it in a bowl and give it to the kids :lol: recycle! saves you money :hitler:

Rancid Cheese
10-04-2007, 03:49 AM
lol guys always have some kinda halo party, . . .

I don't and never will Halo has never impressed me . . .

Anyway turns out we might be doing something so now I have no idea what to dress as. No doubt I'll go as a zombie, it's the quickest and easiest to do cause all I need to do is put my usual clothes on and then pour some fake blood over myself . . .