View Full Version : Genma Onimusha PAL: Voice Option help

The Dude
12-08-2007, 12:42 PM
Just got Genma Onimusha in the post, however although its running fine on my 360, I heard theres an option to change the voice dub to Japanese but so far I haven't been able to find it.
Any help would be great as Im unsure if this is included in the PAL version *although people on other sites claim it is but don't go further in depth*, or it could be possible I have a bootleg of the game which runs without a mod chip, Im not totally sure.

Advice anyone?

12-09-2007, 04:12 AM
If you can't find it in the options, it doesn't exist.

The PS2 version suffered the same fate in the PAL version. While the American version offers both languages, and the PAL manual states that there is a option for Japanese language, it was removed. Not entirely sure why, but it might have been due to the other languages provided in the Euro region.

The Dude
12-09-2007, 04:34 AM
Hmmm, odd really, as I can't find a language option in the manual to be honest, maybe it was omitted, oh well, sucks as I spent £3 on it to get the language dub.

EDIT: You're probably right mind, however usually Language dub in PAL games are omitted due to the inclusion of 60htz functionality *Well when it comes to English/Japanese*, unfortunately being from the UK we're not exactly treated like we speak English like the US, therefore have to be lumped with European conversions for all our games.
However, PAL Xbox's had a PAL 60 option on the hardware, so I fail to grasp WHY the language option was omitted since I can't even find a Language dub for german etc anywhere in the game, only a subtitle option for English, French and German.

12-09-2007, 05:11 PM
I honestly haven't ever switched to the other languages on start up so I have no idea if the language is dub/sub based for the other Euro languages on the PS2 edition, although I'd assume it's subtitle only as well. I would have thought all the issues with the game would have been fixed by the time the X-Box release made it's way to PAL.

Again, this is why the Onimusha release on PAL versions strikes as one of the worst conversion jobs ever and why it would be nice to see Capcom re-release both it and Devil May Cry in the PAL regions with full 60hz modes. It'll never happen, but I can dream...