View Full Version : Skate 2 Demo

P Anderson DIE
01-15-2009, 01:16 PM
Just played the Skate 2 demo, I am a major fan of the first game put in alot of hours of play into that, completed the full game twice and played it online also just freeskate around the place looking for cool jumps. I have no idea how to ride a board really and would bust my ass if I tried got alot of respect for people who actually can because even pulling off an ollie is a challenge for me. After playing this game you would swear anyone could do it but trust dont go trying to ride a rail because it looks easy thats a good way to crack ya nuts. Anyway I loved the first game and the second seems like Skate 1.5 but I'm well happy with that new scenary new tricks new characters new music cant complain, The controls did seem abit heavy when running round off the board and the graphics dont seem to have changed infact they might not be as good as the original but this is a demo. I'm definatley getting this game come next week though. Just hope the graphics are a little better than on the demo dont really care bout the tank controls when running. This should tie me over till Aliens Colonial Marines.