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  1. I have that problem sometimes, but I don't end up selling... probably more to do with my stubbornness to sell games most of the time.
  2. Indeed. I think my desire to attain the rest of the endings is sort of drowned out by my more pressing need for cash right now. XD
  3. Yeah, there was some good, but I struggled to even think about bringing it up for that reason... it's really overshadowed by the stuff that isn't good. But I'm yet to finish it still so I have to at least do that first before I decide to keep it or not...
  4. There were some good things, of course, but I think the bad far out-weighed the good. Especially when you compare it to previous games. I might sell my copy soon, actually.
  5. Heh... glad I'm not alone in some opinions on Homecoming... I think Dot liked it too much, so he wanted to debate with me over it.
  6. I fully agree with what you said on Silent Hill: Homecoming. Every single time I got hit anyway when I dodged, I wanted to throw Alex down a well. ;D
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