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  1. Oh, I was under the impression that you had it already since you were at the launch party. Guess I shouldn't assume things, eh?

    It's pretty good, but I don't know if it's worth the full price. You are wise to wait for a price reduction, I think. Especially if you weren't necessarily captivated by the first DR. I always wanted the first one, but only have a PS3 and so I rushed to get this one. I do like it, but there are certainly things I could complain about. Still, I don't really play many games, and this one will probably be holding me over for a few months, so I am grateful to its "replayability." Besides, killing zombies is always fun.

    And I'm no graphics whore, but this game is UGLY.
  2. Is it really good?
    I wasn't enamoured with the first one, so I was going to wait until it goes platinum.
    I went to the Australian laucnh party, and played it for all of 5 mintues. Thought it was more of the same...
  3. No worries, use the quote all you want. Hope to see you online soon for some DR2!
  4. Saw what you wrote in one of the news threads, and had to steal it for my sig.
    I'm not taking the piss, I think it's fantastic (and that some people really need to calm down...)
  5. It seems all the folks who bashed REUC for altering the canon have no problem with liberties being taken with the segments in DSC...

  6. "Das Bus" is a great episode.
  7. I for one got the simpsons reference.

    I think our humor broke his/her brain.

    Thank you for that. It truly made my morning.
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