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  1. Happy birthday Gene. Hopefully the day leads to a continued accumulation of RE collectibles.
  2. Happy birthday, so are you going to be giving yourself the gift of more RE memorabilia?
  3. What I find more confusing is that the grave crawling zombies in RE3 have street clothes on. Citizens of Raccoon sure know dignity in the burial of their dead.
  4. Hey. I've been having problems with UC2. I was hoping the 1.01 patch fixed it, but it didn't .

    I won't be coming up to NYC any time soon unfortunately. I looked at the cost of accomodation, and it blew my mind 0_0. Hopefully when I get a job I can come up (I haven't worked for the past year).
  5. Hey, aren't you going to NYC at some point this month? Have you finalized your plans?
  6. Mmm, sorry I couldn't join. Hopefully it'll work with multiple tries/coming from different party members. Plus I don't have a headset, though that'll change soon. I look forward to playing UC2 with you and others.
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