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  1. Okay, thank you.
  2. I created an Official GameFaq's topic let's discuss there.
  3. No, Elusion and RapidNameChange will never do this. It's obviously someone with a karma of 350 or higher...who could that be?
  4. Me too. Where the Hell is Elusion and RNC???? Maybe one of them is responsible.
  5. No kidding, I hope this all will end soon, I don't want to leave that place. Never thought this will ever happen, sad.
  6. I have -2 Karma on all of my accounts. That SOB who did thia is gonna pay!
  7. who can't be what? Im confused. lol

    I was saying that the misses were probably behind it. You know, Chambers, Valentine or even Alomar.

    Oh yeah Go introduce yourself in the introduce thread lol.
  8. So, that was you? You were the one who asked me to marry you? I didn't know that and I wasn't cheating with Elusion, there was nothing to it. It was just a big misunderstanding.

    It can't be him, mods have to have 350 karma and he doesn't have it...he got warned and someone got suspended, it's outrageous...
  9. I know, it's crazy. I didn't know you were blood disaster. Remember when I asked you to marry me in the Soap Opera, but you were cheating with Eluison..LMAO! Whoever thought we'd be talking. Another thing, I don't think Elusion has any idea what just happened! So many Epic topics and posts destroyed!!!

    And YES, I have no idea who it is. Someone there is evil. I feel that Chambers may be behind this! I'm going back to recruit others to join here as well.

    We need our CYOA backs! Especially RNC's!

    Let's create alts and tell as many of them as possible that this can be there new home!
  10. I have more than just 1 alt...I have a total of 8 or 9 alts on Gamefaqs.

    I am most well-known as "Blooddissaster" there. By the way, you said it would be fun for us to argue on, I agree with you but these past few weeks we haven't argued at all even on the same topics, unconsciously tuced? ;} And...the bigger problem we are now facing on Gamefaqs, who is the person who's deleting topics, missvalentine thought it was an evil Updater but I am sure we won't do these stuff, things were looking great for us, we're definetly not the culprit.
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