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  1. Good.
  2. Hey, alright I guess, what about you?
  3. Hey, dude.

    Hows things going?
  4. Aw, that sucks, well luckily your getting a new one!

    As for RE-HQ, it may come back later on sometime if I can find another host but until then its gonna be down.
  5. Thats okay, shit happens.

    My PC got a virus or something so I havn't been on alot latley. Sorry about that. Getting myself a new comp in a few days. :]
  6. Hey, Twist, long time no see. lol

    I kinda got bad news about RE-HQ

    Since the sites host seems to be changing to only premium only members, the site is no longer free which means I'd have to pay for it a month. Also, this being compared to other sites, my host; Spruz, isn't so great, so I don't plan on continuing using it.
  7. All is good. :]
  8. lol its fine about the comment thing.

    Um, if by the chart thing you mean the thing you showed me in that link, then probably. I'll have to do that myself though and I still need to see if it'll be easier than what there currently is. No big deal though, it can always be added later, not really a big problem.
  9. I accidently replied to your comment on my own profile. *facepalm*
  10. Yeah, if you could do the bio's, that'd be great! I have so much I need to do with the site and the forums, so that'd be great if I could have those done. If I need anything else done, I'll ask ya.
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