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  1. Hey, if I remember right you were writing an adaption of Resident Evil 5? I think you posted the link to it on Reborn Fury (or w/e it was called). I was wondering if you were continuing it and if you had the link to it. I read the first chapter and then my computer ballsed up and I lost everything so I haven't been able to read any more.

    So uh, tl;dr still writing the RE5 adaption and link plx
  2. I'm not really a big Tifa fan (I always prefer Aeris), although the fight scene in the Church was awesome.
  3. Reno was freaking awesome! So hot.
    But I watched Advent Children because of Tifa. I adore her.
  4. I have to admit, Reno is one of the main reasons I watch Advent Children.
  5. icon = win
  6. I know right?
    I adore RHPS.
  7. Your avatar = Win.
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