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  1. Stop jerking yourself off just because Leon "Superqueer" Kennedy is back!
  2. He's coming for you...

    Prepare your anus.
  3. I mis-spelled "annihilate" in an earlier post to your wall. Oops.

    Why are they wasting RE Revelations and RE Mercs *Super Edition* on a goddamn handheld? And why is "goddamn" my word of the day?!
  4. NIGGGGGGAAAA!!!! So Happy to see you came to the party.
  5. Oh yes, you must get SS3 as well when it is released this summer. I will crush you at that game as well. Ryu FTW!
  6. I'm going to absolutely RAPE you at the SS4 DLC. Evil Ryu and/or Oni will anihilate you, you backwoods hick!
  7. Body check, one...two! And another! YOU'RE FINISHED!
  8. Check email, __________
  9. "Corner rape" is right. Not something to be proud of, good buddy. I'm now very much aware of your cornering + x-factoring tendencies. Next time, the might of the Captains of America (Steve Rogers & Chris Redfield) will not be hindered, lol.
  10. Eh, Captain America got abit annoying, but I seem to remember cornor raping Chris quite more than a few times--it was just that DAMN GRENADE TURBO of his that saved your ass quite a few, when I couldn't unfortunatly avoid it, haha. And um, I don't really remember Akuma kicking my butt, but I'll see what the footage shows when I get to it.
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