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  1. My Pet Monster? Wow, I never heard of it, but Alyson Court is one cutie in that otherwise weird-ass looking movie. Haha. I just love watching her. She's so cute. <3 Thank you for showing me this!
  2. I think this might be of interest to you
  3. Thanks for that, it's much appreciated!
  4. Happy birthday! :]
  5. Well, if “not ready” refers to the startling inability to accept a STD-ridden ho in the Resident Evil universe…. Then, yes, I’m most certainly not ready. :p Hehehe.
  6. Well, Bianca, it appears you're just not ready for Excella. She do wha' she waont.
  7. You're definitely welcome. Glad you enjoyed it!
  8. So I got around to reading Carmilla just now, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Before it became clear that vampirism was the resolution, I figured Carmilla's presence ambiguous. I thought she was an apparition representing Laura's mother, or at the very least her repressed sexuality from the lack of a mother. I suppose I didn't want the supernatural to be evident, which is abnormal for my tastes. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. Thanks so much! I didn't have time to look it up before I went to bed last night, so thanks for reminding me. I just watched it. What a strange and endearing film. Very haunting. The imagery is spectacular, especially the use of shadows and mirrors. I'm really quite impressed with it.
  10. Middle-man terminated, if you will. It was easy enough to find this link on the film's wiki.

    Meshes of the Afternoon - Google Video
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