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  1. Happy Birthday man, hope all is well in your life outside the community.
  2. You don't reply much huh? I know you're busy
  3. Have you ever thought about being a VA? You've got quite a talent for voices(dracula lol)and you've got that dj tone
  4. Whew, sent my friend.
  5. I'm trying hard to email you the recording but I'm having some attachment problems. I'll keep trying, crap.
  6. Hey Dot are you still accepting recordings for the podcast? I'll have it done by tommorow morning.
  7. Merry Christmas man.
  8. Hap-Hap Happy Birthday man, ha my girlfriend's b-day was yesterday. You're getting up there man
  9. I havent heard anything..
  10. Do you know what happened Nomad? Haven't seen him in ages and the last time he signed in to PSN was 5 months ago.
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