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  1. Happy Birthday old friend
  2. Anyways dude, I have skype and it would be a great way for us to comunicate. So if you are interesred, download it and hit me!
  3. Yea I used Skype on my friends computer a few times. I'll probably download it again when the rpd dispatch gets back on track.
  4. I've been busy as THE SHIT itself. Hell, it feals good to be back into the comunity. So, did you got yourself a skype?
  5. Nomad! How are ya man? Haven't seen u in forever...still got u on my psn list even though u havent signed in for months
  6. So you can download it already?
  7. Supposedly you can make a japanese account and download the ps3 demo. I already have a japanese account so I'll be doing that shortly.
  8. Nope, I haven't played PS3 demo. I'am waiting for the release of it on PSN. Hope you'll be fine and everything gona be ok in your place. Ice storms is something you don't mess with.
  9. Nope, my power has been cut out for almost a week now from the ice storm here. My house is like 20 degrees so I've been staying in a hotel for awhile...I'm visiting a friend who has internet so I could update my blog and see what's going on in the forums. As soon as I get power back I'll have to get it. Have you played the japanese PS3 demo? I played the xbox 360 demo shortly before the storm hit so I got to do a review but that's about it.
  10. Dude! Got any news regarding skype?
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