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  1. Yeah i guess i will get it someday
  2. Zero is my all time favorite! You should definitely play REmake though. It's one of the best overall.
  3. I never played remake before i even have a gamecube but only got my hands on resident evil zero with rebecca xD
  4. Yeah true, but they sort of did it with REmake/RE1 and those are one of my favorites. I liked how they could have different outcomes with the different choices they made. They could totally do a heavy rain type scenario but with RE gameplay and it'd be a masterpiece IMO.
  5. I think maby its because .. they will have a hard time making them all fit into one big story .. but i wouldent mind it at all.
  6. Exactly! Have them all on a team and you can choose which character you want to play, and each have a different scenario. Then that would end all mysteriousness! Gosh Capcom why are they so stupid?! LOL
  7. Yes why not just bring them all back in re 6 one big game with all of them showing up at some point in the game!!! now that would be something !!! and everyone would be happy then no one would be left out
  8. Oh man, I think if that happened I would die of a raging fan gasm and literally explode! Baha! But yes Rebecca should definitely return and so should Billy as well as Carlos. Jill,Chris, Claire, Ada, and Leon have been in the spotlight wayy too much.
  9. Then they realease first details about re 6 and tells us hunk and rebecca have to team up together ... FAN GASM I WOULD DIE THEN !!!!!!!! but yeah i would love to see rebecca back for a re 6 i wouldent mind it at all i think its her time to shine ones again she deserves it and the rebecca fans like you deserves it too.
  10. Its my ultimate nerd dream to have her in RE6. She could come back after all those years with training under her belt and be a total badass looking for Billy or w/e. I've gone into nerd overload today... Too much good news for all my favorite series! RE,underworld, and batman! I can't take much more!
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