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  1. Thanks How are you doing?
  2. It's that time again; Happy B-day.
  3. Happy B-day
  4. Thanks
  5. Happy B-day man
  6. Thank you, I hope you'll like the final product
  7. I thought I added you long ago but I guess I was wrong lol. I think what you're doing is amazing, I was always hoping a true RE fan would somehow make films that would capture the old spirit of the series. Thanks for all your hard work
  8. Finaly, there are 2 backgrounds artworks of RE1, which locations are unknown. They are printed in the infamous "The True Story Behind Bio Hazard" japanese book. But they are part of the cover, not printed inside the pages of the book - maybe John can explain this better than me.
    The artworks can be seen at the following URL and I believe they are part of Dash - or may not be used in RE1 and someone thought about using them in a sequel to RE1, called Dash ;)
  9. I forgot, but there are also some beta backgrounds of RE2 underground corridors, invaded by plants, and not used in the final version of the game. In my opinion, they come straight from Dash:
    The last one was used in an RE Outbreak episode, a few years later.
  10. But creating this whole game would have take too much time, and RE2 would have been delayed. To prevent this delay, Dash was cancelled.

    My own take on this: Capcom staff only talked about Dash. There is no artworks or anything at all. Maybe just a few sketches. But they have re-used the plants idea in RE2 - "Ivy".
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