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  1. Dammit I can't log into meebo!? Can you try to go to if you can go to the main page!?
  2. I was arguing with Rosetta.

    It's completely within the rules. No one's gonna get banned.
  3. Cool down with chris! I don't want you to get banned here on THIA!
  4. LOL talk about what CR29 posting on you sure is controversial!
  5. I don't know why you think Inferno was trolling.
  6. Hey missvalentine, head back to you know where!
  7. I do trust Ebay, where did I say I didn't?
  8. You could totally trust ebay! I buy lots of mechanical parts to repair some of my stuff! I can even get 'em cheap!
  9. I see you still haven't forgiven me...........ok..
  10. Ok. Well thanks...
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