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  1. Spencer we should continue our conversation via PMs...damn beasley XD
  2. PiercedBrosnan ahahahahahah great nickname indeed!
  3. I'm surprised that they weren't banned for that recent spamming they did of Site Wars, a "battle" that exists only within the confines of their feeble intellect. By the way, I'm on Biohaze as PiercedBrosnan, just an alias I went under but I rarely post.
  4. ya i know that, Cleggy7 is posting on Biohaze now, I'm just waiting the right moment to ban Cleggy7 Beasley & Co, waiting for their next bulllshit.
    they're seriously abusing of Yama's patience.
  5. Hah, Cleggy7. What an imbecile. I'm sure that there should be more important things for an 18 year-old male to concern himself about than being banned on an internet forum. No wonder this country's going to shitpan. Fact is, he and the rest of his friends have been exposed for what they really are to the RE community - an asinine bunch of juvenile, vindictive and butthurt kids who couldn't handle being banned and instead resort to writing fanfiction to vent their teenage angst and inner frustrations. Disgusting.
  6. Oh lord, I haven't checked that video. I might log in and delete it.
  7. I' still reading comment posted by those REsitewars idiots on that damn youtube video.... "Mr Spencer you a fucking traytor!" ahahahahah

    You and Dot are genius! Really! XD
  8. Hahaha, fantastic. As a Bond fan, I am enthralled.
  9. epic podcast Spencer! LOL
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