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  1. Hey I got your message about the comic you colored for my long ago, I still haven't got it though. I'm gonna keep digging through my junk mail just in case lol.
  2. Did you ever finish that last comic strip I sent you a few months back? Just wondering lol
  3. Alright man I sent the next comic to your email. It will probably be the last one for awhile since it will probably take me a month or so before I have time to draw the next one. Fortunatly it's the best one yet. It's also the longest, so by all means take your time. Thanks man ~
  4. Cool man, thanks. Looks great as always, I'll have it up tonight.
  5. Fiiinally got around to finishing that comic. I sent it to your email.
  6. Hey just wanted to let you know that I sent the last pages of the comic to your email. Thanks dude
  7. lol, glad you liked it.
  8. WOW, you're job truly blew me away lol. True artist
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. Hey man, I was wondering if you wanted to work with me on a web series. I'm making these "evil shorts", like 30 second funny RE toons, than adding voice work and putting them on youtube. I was wondering if you would be wiling to help me? I've got alot of good episodes already lined up, with the VA's ready, just need someone to color the drawings. They're all really cartoony and simple too, so it shouldn't take up to much time. I'll email them to you
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