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  1. o, i just got back from school and work, now i have to go to a wake
  2. sooo what you been doing today then
  3. i have added you .....
  4. my name on theres sweetlollygiirrl add me
  5. did you get my aim address ? your gunna have to add me beacuse i dont know how it works lol
  6. lol fair enough ....
  7. thats cool i just looked at it, ill put it on my favorites =) i gtg ill be on later. going on a date with a guy names Shawn. if hes an asshole im probably gonna drop him
  8. not alot ive got a bloody cold lol ... just been workin on my website with a few people getting it together for launch .. theres only a tempoary site in its place
  9. hahaha so what have u been doing today? i just took a shower, i was sweaty from my pole arobics class.
  10. lol .. allways nice to have a beautiful female who likes resident evil as a freind lol
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