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  1. Oh my god, it was amazing! Couldn't wipe the smile off my face all night lol. Was a bit disappointed that they didn't play Stockholm Syndrome but oh well lol. And the whole crowd sang happy birthday to Dom, the drummer

    Anyway, how have you been?
  2. How was MUSE??
  3. Nothing wrong with that! Better than working in the employment services sector like I used to
    Now I'm not working and feel like one of those stereotyped Centrelink losers! I HATE IT!
    Ok, end of rant
  4. *cough*Officeworks*cough*
  5. Oh really? It's pissing down rain here and has been all week. Have to hang out the washing on the back of the couch under the fan to dry it

    So where do you work?
  6. Spot on! I start at 1:30pm. So yeah still a lil bit more relaxing time, that and its stupidly hot outside. *hides from sunlight*
  7. Ah, fun times lol. What time do you start work? I'm assuming it's nearly 12pm coz you guys have daylight savings, don't you?
  8. I'm doing great Just chilling b4 a long day at work ahead.
  9. And a Howdy right back at ya!

    How are you doing anyway?
  10. Just sending a Howdy your way!
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