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  1. When you type in "Resident Evil Made in heaven" in google, your zippos are on the first page.
  2. Ha yea I've came across quite a few Bio Doujinshi, but I really have to pay attention to what's on the inside. Sometimes they have goofy covers, but then have really awesome art work on the inside. Other times they will have a really awesome cover, while the actual book is 60+ pages of Chris and Wesker making out in the nude

    Those pins look badass man. I've been thinking about getting the "Made in heaven" tattoo, but it's hard trying to think of a place other than where you have it lol. Maybe I'll get it on my left shoulder, with the "Let me live" insignia on the right one.
  3. Hey.
    When I was in Japan I saw alot of Doujinshi, but couldn't find much Bio stuff, but I know there's alot out there. I also saw a 'Capcom gals' one... The less said the better about that...

    Nice pick up on the CV card. I believe it was a CV pre-order thing. It was one of the first Jap items I got when I kicked off my collection all those years ago. History repeating??

    Waiting for this pin set in the post (which is why I haven't put it in the thread yet) (sealed)
  4. Yo Gene, I'm really digging this whole Biohazard thing

    I've never really collected many Japanese things, but some of the BH items are pretty awesome. I just bought this RE doujinshi book starring...Barry! Looks pretty damn hilarious.
  5. Only thirty jackets? Wow, no wonder they're so expensive lol. Thanks for the info
  6. They did make the jacket. From the research I've done they only made 30. I think they came out in ~1998.
    They cost about $3000 each. So I don't have one. I'm keeping and eye out, but I can't afford it for a loooooong time
  7. Happy Birthday man, enjoy Heavy Rain.
  8. Gold Edition comes out exactly 1 year after RE5, in DLC form it's a few months earlier.
    I'm not gonna get either. Both scenarios are a foregone conclusion, and honestly, RE5 wasn't that much fun anyways to may me want to pay for another 1-2 hours of it
  9. What up Gene? The DLC will be out by the time we get the patch
  10. Cool man will do.
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