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  1. I agree. Seriously, the laser room in Resident Evil 4? That worked in the film, but in all honesty, Leon was more likely to get fried going through it... And he did... When I played it... Because I suck... And I think it is utterly hiliarious when Leon dies.

    Not so much with the Alice clones! I don't even like her much, but when they were getting mowed down in Isaacs' little practise room in Extinction, I hated it. It was just sad... Like they never stood a damn chance.

    Still. Funny when its Leon dying.
  2. Although, that got me thinking, and frankly, I think a Resident Evil The Movie The Game would be kinda cool. Especially in the new style.. I mean, Alice is one of the only characters who'd be justified jumping out windows and laying out a pack of enemies in a single punch. Wesker being the other one. Not Leon, not Chris.
  3. Indeed. I think it would probably be a tiny cameo, but I still think it would be worth seeing.
  4. Hey, I'm serious too. If Alice was in RE5, I'd play it out of sheer curiosity. I'd love to see how Capcom would portray Alice, and compare it to the movies. It would be an interesting experiment.
  5. Lol, I'd have to play it to see if it were true! I wouldn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes... But on a serious thought, I wouldn't say no to a little cameo thing from her. That would be kind of cute. ^^
  6. That's a tough one... If there was one thing... If Alice was in it.
  7. Out of interest, as a hypothetical question, if there was one thing that would make you check out RE5, what would it be? If I were in your shoes, it would be Jill's outfit, unlockable for Wesker. That, I would have to see. XD

    (I'm being a dumbass. Take care of yourself!)
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