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  1. Thanks.
  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day.

  3. 1. Nowhere is it proven that Christianity is incompatible with "real life" and science. (And if you were truly objective you'd realize this, of course.)
    2. The Wikipedia articles are biased because they define the scriptures improperly, and refuse to correct them.

    The only thing I've gleamed from you is that you, know little to nothing about the Bible, but refuse to learn. You are making a conscious choice to believe misconceptions about the Bible, despite those misconceptions being proved false. I have offered several times to show you the correct meanings, and you dodge the opportunity each time. You have shown zero openness to being taught anything. I'll pray that you one day pursue knowledge with intellectual honesty and objectivity. Again, I suggest for scientific purposes, and for scriptural teaching. God bless. ♥
  4. Just because your religion is incompatible with real life and science, and someone points that out, doesn't make them "bias"
  5. Well if you had read the two links I sent you, you would see otherwise. And it's not just a case of someone being proved wrong, but rather having an article lean more in favor of a certain area, such as the evolution article barely covering the problems with the theory. The articles you gave me about the so called hatred found in the Bible are entirely false, because the people who edit them, are one, anti-Biblical, and two, not versed in the scriptures. Hence the bias. But I don't think you'll ever see it this way because you have shown much bias yourself. Shame. Try doing research outside of Wikipedia. Limiting yourself to YouTube videos and public dictionaries is not the way to go, trust me.
  6. Wikipedia isn't really that bad, I've found it to be very reliable. In fact any vandalism that happens is removed within a couple seconds and any controversial pages are locked from editing except by trusted users. The only real time people bring up "vandalism/bias on Wikipedia" is when they come across an article that proves them wrong.
  7. Being a public, editable dictionary, Wikipedia is going to be distorted a little. Not just in religious subjects, but politics, sciences, controversial subjects, etc. Just google "bias in Wikipedia" and you'll find articles and discussions of the matter.

    Here I are some I have bookmarked for example:
    The last link, I don't quite trust that site either, but there are quite a few valid grievances on the list.

    I would of much rather you have just given me verses, so I could of properly explained them, then fish through a Wikipedia article full of so much misinformation, it'd make me want to punch an infant. But anyway, like I said, the Bible contains no hateful statements towards, gays, blacks, Jews, women, etc. And if you ever come up with a verse to back up your claim, I will show you where you are mistaken. ;)
  8. What exactly did you mean when you said that Wikipedia is biased against Christianity?
  9. LOL. Don't worry, I won't try to kill you. Wouldn't want you to die without believing in God first. ;)

    (And I replied to your post in the thread.)
  10. Thanks, yeah one of my friends IRL is like a Christian fundamentalist and when I shared my views with her, she turned into this:

    And tried to kill me.
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