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  1. Haha, lol thanks. I have no idea why it's so high.
  2. wait...17,563 page visits???!!!! i know i havent been on in a while but not that long???!!! lol i just broke 1,000......... JK lolZ
  3. No, i only use steam to chat with a few friends, i wanna get L4D but it won't work on my PC sadly.
  4. cool cool, do you have l4d?
  5. Yeah, it's my username.
  6. hey missV do you have a steam account?
  8. I fixed it! i have my internet back now!
  9. Well yes and no. The lazy incompetant fools that are my ISP took a short cut when fixing my internet, it's connected but it's not running through my browser. So i have to fix that somehow.
  10. hey do you have your internet back?
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