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  1. To Nhanks.
  2. I'll cuck you.
  3. Try rewriting that when you're sober, please.
  4. That would utterly and completely defeat me. My Internet Self would be in shambles. I am literally shaking with a mixture of both fear (The Best Emotion) and anger IRL (In Real Life).
  5. Please don't change IP addresses and post porn. That would be The Worse Thing.
  6. No problem
  7. I'm only responding to your lovely comment you left me in a courteous manner.

    But thanks for the classy response!
  8. Hey, Corrin. Suck > My > Dick.
  9. Hey, Helegad. R > C > P.
  10. What a stupid reply. You didn't answer my question. Are you just TRYING to be an asshole for no reason?
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