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  1. Time flies. Happy B-day again.
  2. Happy B-day Carn
  3. Indeed. Saw it this morning, along with the Mirror of Fate trailer.

  4. Happy B-day Carn.
  5. That sucks about the DLC man. I was so excited, then the night before it was supposed to be released I saw that there was a last minute decision to push back the DLC to June 21st for PSN.

    Not amused.
  6. Got my game back, but during the day of launch, the DLC didn't come with the new update patch (so it was inaccessible) and now that they've got the patch up, the achievements are broken (not that I really care that much, but I hate having broken stuff on my gamertag/recover my tag to fix stuff like that)
  7. Oh snap, you must retrieve the game back from your friend quick! I just read on IGN that the CV DLC will be released for PSN/XBLIVE June 7th, aka tommorow lol.

    I'm pretty excited, but I'm trying not to be since I ended up a little let down with the last DLC. Hopefully "The Forgotten One" will present an awesome boss fight. I don't have alot of cash on me so I think I'm going to sell my Wii at gamestop just to get a PSN card and reserve RE Mercenaries, screw it
  8. Yea I hear ya, I was hoping to find something other than ghouls lol.
  9. Yup! Got everything wrapped up and ready for the second DLC now (or, well, need to get my game back from a friend who's borrowing it...)

    Kinda liked it, but also hated some of it (the climbing segments were a bit annoying and the parts where you play as *you-know-who* were kinda meh-ish + the enemy selection was just appalling...)

    Hope the next one will be nice.
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