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  1. Well, writing for games is very difficult, because usually, the people in charge do the writing, and it's a promotion based business, so you'd have to work your way up, which means you'd have to be doing something else from the start (graphic design, programmer, etc.). Either that, or if you go into professional writing and simply work on revising what the guys wrote. But it's very difficult to have creative control in a gaming company... Well, unless you're starting your own company with some people you know.
  2. Sounds exciting and very labor intensive.
    I've always wanted to write the scripts and come up for the story concepts for video games. I think it would be fun. I have a lot of ideas that i think would be really cool. Of course they're not perfect and need refining, but I'm confident.
  3. Well, it starts off with piles and piles of paperwork. The Design Document, which is a document that details all the aspects of the game, usually ends up like 400 pages big, for a good title. This is after all the concept art and writing is done.
    It also entails the developer going to the publisher and pitching their idea, to see if the publisher wants to fund the game or not. Sometimes, a developer might pitch a game and the publisher wouldn't want to give the money for them to make it.
    When we were making our game, the process was actually going relatively smoothly, up until the time came to import all the 3D objects into the level editor. But we had to make our own level editor, so that was a part of the problem. Everything used for importing and exporting had to be made by our programers. So we weren't able to implement everything into the game, like keys, and scripted events, but it turned out playable.
  4. Oh, my mistake.
    What does game production entail?
  5. No, actually, I already graduated. Back in April.
  6. So your going to school for game production? You said something like that in an old topic, I don't remember which.
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