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  1. Thanks.
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. I'm not really on MSN that much, I usually spend my time talking with my boyfriend on Skype.

    I'll add you on MSN though, probably a bit later as I'm working on stuff.
  4. Oh WOW, thats still a nice name XD. hey do u use msn? feel free to ad me if u like.
  5. Well... It's my name. Talk about crappy luck.

    XD I can't go to Melbourne though.
  6. Cool, well id be happy to meet u haha, why would u get Alice jokes? do you look like her? ot cosplay her in the past?? Sydney eh? boo come back to Melbourne
  7. I'm from Melbourne, but I'm actually in Sydney.

    XD That's true, though if any of the Aussies on THIA bumped into each other - or say, myself I know I'd get the piss taken out of me with Alice jokes...
  8. Are you a Melbournite aswell? Seems most are, yet non of us ever bump into each other in game shops or conventions, how strange..
  9. XD That we do.
  10. Another Aussie wooooo! Wow we really like Resident Evil here in Australia it seems XD. Cheers.
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