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  1. ohh.. You're the one who added me as a friend in the PSN, right.
  2. Yea I found this game intriguing and can't wait for it to come out
  3. I got this game from In my opinion, the game is very unique, if you ask me, I never have played a game like this. Many people talked trash about this game, because is very repeat it, since your objective is always to get to the top of the level, before the scenario felts. (Well, this is the easy way, to put it.) Also, is kind of frustrating, since some levels, are just way to hard, if you aren’t familiar, or you haven’t got use to the game. But, yeahh, is one of my favorite games now.
  4. :O how did u get it LOL and is it good
  5. What''s up!! Ohh, yeah, I have the Catherine game.
  6. I was wondering do you have the game Catherine?
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