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  1. And you know, just to talk?
  2. Well, I can't even play anything on Steam currently so it seems a bit pointless to me to want to add me.

    There's a THIA group on there for you to join if you haven't already done so.
  3. What sort of answer were you looking for?
  4. Because we're both THIA members?
  5. Why do you even want to add me?
  6. Accept my Steam friend request?
  7. Well, for starters my normal laptop is away for repair and this one I doubt is good enough to handle any PC games so until I get my own one back I won't be on Steam for a while.

    And while I don't mind adding people, provided I don't get random 'crap' messages about things like "Oh you've got to see this TGWTG video!!!" and I don't play games with very many of the people I've got on Steam or on PSN... so really, it would be up to as to whether or not you send me a friend's request on Steam.
  8. Hey I just made a Steam account earlier today and I see you have one too. Want to become Steam friends?
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