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  1. What's happening Anders? I fired up a camel and thought of you
  2. Yea I hear ya, but know this: If you ever come across any RE1-BH1 tapes/discs with behind the scenes footage, etc. I'll be waiting with my debit card ready

  3. Not really!
  4. Yo anders, you don't have any behind the scenes RE1 discs/tapes your willing to sell do you?
  5. lol thanks anyways, unfortunatly it looks like I'm going to have to spend way more money than I thought to do it properly. Screw it *spends money on RE stuff*
  6. I have NO idea about that kind of stuff, sorry. Better ask Dot!
  7. Do you think I could capture ps3 footage with this? I know it wont be as good as Dot's but I just want to record lol...I also don't have much money. Would it work?
  8. Yea I don't blame you with ebay's rising seller costs, you gotta profit too lol. Thanks for the info man
  9. Any time. Pretty much what RE items I have for sale are on eBay, but don't go by that alone. I also have a nice copy of Bio Hazard for Saturn, and maybe some more promo DVDs... Who knows what I have stashed in the "duplicates for sale" boxes placed under my bed. And I'll always sell cheaper outside of eBay.
  10. That's cool, when I get some more cash flow going I'll be seeing what you got. Yay another merchant contact
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