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  1. yeah nothing on the poor sap...oh well I'll drink his beer that he didn't get!
  2. the U3 i think it was called, he was pretty cool, i did like the Regenerators/Iron Maidens and the Novistadors in RE4 though, and Verdugo was ok.

    i have no idea if Mike was black or not, i can't really remember anything much about him.
  3. ...wonder if Mike he was black...err anywho...yeah best fight would have to be that monster in the dropping box thingys.
  4. yeah Salazar was one of the worst bosses ever, i think fighting him as Ada in the normal form was better than his final form.

    and Mike, cover fire in a Horror game, lolwut?
  5. Salazar wasn't that good. His boss form was stupid since I had enough gold to buy a rocket launcher and blast him away.

    Now Mike the helicopter he was bad lol...cover fire? plz...
  6. well, Saddler and Salazar i didn't really like, i hated the Ganados as well. i didn't ind Luis though.
  7. who do you hate on RE4? Besides Louis? lol
  8. i would have been heart stricken, but i got into the series after RE4 was already released, but i do love the pre rendered camera a lot better still.

    i didn't hate any of the characters in RE4, although some i didn't really like much though.
  9. Yeah I was heart stricken when they decided to go another way from pre-rendered backgrounds, but I welcomed it, you know it feels right to see Capcom actually change up the series so kudos to them

    btw my ex totally hated Ashley LOL
  10. i enjoyed RE4 as well, but i enjoyed playing the classics a lot more, probably because i had already played a lot of games similar to RE4, but the classic style was completely new and exiting for me.
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