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  1. Thank you, I'm doing a lot better now
  2. that's such sad and sudden news, i hope that you are hanging in there ok. my condolences to you and your family, if you ever want to talk let me know ok? i remember when i lost someone close to me--it was just important to have people around. and you are doing the right thing being strong for your dad, as well as taking time to heal and mourn. i'll add you on psn and i'll see you when you get back on here
  3. Yep I have one, my username is Itchy_Tasty_1996 (Sounded like a good idea at the you can imagine, I've received tons of shit for that name; everyone thinks I'm some creep who was born in 96.) Oh well.

    I was trying to think of a more subtle way to blend this into the message, but it sounds blunt no matter what so I'll just come out and say it.

    So, my mom passed away on Wednesday. It was pretty unexpected, as life has been known to be. I'm just scrambling to take care of arrangements and keep my dad together at the moment; needless to say, I'll be absent from the internet indefinitely.

    It was very nice talking to you and hopefully I'll be back and running in a few weeks.

    Take care
  4. loll i was surprised to come by here and see i had messages. wow he takes a while to make the books, didn't realize (no wonder fans have been complaining that he wont live long enough. i always thought it was cus he had bad health or something?) i'm an episode behind on the show anyway, idk what it is but this season felt a little slower? maybe it's because the time it took to wait for a new season made me forget a lot of things lol. and yay i cant wait to read your book -- and yes i miss the old site template, it was a lot cooler . it's probably gonna stay this way though. and good news i finally got my hands on a ps3 again, do you have one ?
  5. Also, who's idea was it to turn the text box white?! Thank god for highlighting.
  6. Martin has stated that the sixth book will not be coming out this year, but it's supposedly nearing completion.
    It absolutely must come out early next year if he has any hope of finishing the series in time, seeing that it takes him an average of five years to complete a book, and the show is already two seasons away from reaching the seventh and final entry--unless they decide to split one or more of the books up into two seperate seasons as they did with Storm of Swords. In the meantime, The World of Ice and Fire book/tome/bible is coming out in October, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Oh, and I'd be more than happy to send you some sample chapters from my book when I've finished the second revision
  7. Long Message Incoming lol

    Yea there's only three episodes left to conclude the fourth season/last half of the third book. The fourth and fifth books both take place at the same time, and are split up geographically; so Tyrion and other characters are completely void from Feast for Crows while other characters are absent from A Dance with Dragons. So in the show, they're going to make the next two seasons a combination of the fourth and fifth books to A.) Make it easier to follow everyone's story lines and B.) Avoid running the risk of losing fans when they're favorite character is missing from an entire season lol.

  8. ooh i have that one, just didnt get to it yet i'm sure it'll be awesome though, that show never bores me! i heard martin said that he was worried by how fast the show was catching up--he better get to writing lol.

    and i hope you write some epic worthy stuff! i'm curious to read it--but idk if you're letting others see it lol, if not that's cool
  9. Thank you! Of all the asoiaf books Storm of Swords is my favorite, so I'm pretty confident this next season will be the best one yet; so much action. Well, hopefully I'll be back here in a few weeks
  10. i wish you the best of luck! your book sounds awesome, i am into fairytales as well : D it's why in a lot of my artwork i try to go for a fairytale/fantasy theme .

    YAY game of thrones : D i can't wait! (which reminds me i should continue reading the books) and lol it's fine when you nerd out, it feels good xD so no worries.

    as for writing i know what you mean about the procrastination, its amazing how much can get done without the net or tv lol--though when i had no net i ended up playing rollercoaster tycoon/console games for a while lol
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