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  1. Cheers mate. Hope you have a good one too
  3. Fair enough mate.
  4. It doesn't really bother me per se. I think that the work that he does RE: Science and reason Vs. Superstition is good - and the message is important. I think people think of him in terms of picking on Christians and Muslims in particular, when in fact in some of the work he's done for TV he's derrided things like homeopathy and pseudo science too.

    His earlier books still stand on their own, and people interested in the matter will find them and read them. I guess I'd consider them two kind of phases of his career. Kinda like Biohazard I guess
  5. Oh and one more thing.

    Now I don't mean to be rude, but I'd take it that you must be an atheist if you're a fan of Richard Dawkins. If I'm wrong don't hesitate to let me know.
  6. That doesn't surprise me since I've heard on a THIA "R.P.D. Dispatch" Podcast, that you study biology. (The podcast in which at some point, you answered a question regarding Resident Evil 5, if it was possible that a virus could originate from a flower)

    Does it bother you at times that most people only seem to remember Richard Dawkins for writing The God Delusion?
  7. Yes - he's written alot of excellent books. They're well worth reading if you're interested in evolutionary biology.
  8. Your username ... TheSelfishGene ... are you a fan of Richard Dawkins or something?
  9. Thanks for accepting my friend request mate. I normally don't tend to make friends online with people I don't know personally, but thanks anyway.
  10. Your profile picture ... is that you? If so, that is surely a kick-arse "Made In Heaven" tattoo you've got there!!!
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