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  1. Happy B-day man
  2. Happy new year man.
  3. Played the Dead Space 2 demo yet? I'm about to hit it up as soon as I get off work.
  4. Yea I hear ya, I'm just suprised at how fast paced the series is moving with Dead Space 3 already in development before 2's release, another animated movie releasing next year as well as a live action in the works. I just hope they don't take the same route as other survival horror games lately and get too carried away with the action.
  5. Not as excited as I would think I would have been. I really liked the first one and enjoyed following the animated comics and the prequel movie. But for some reason I just haven't gotten excited about DS 2 yet. I will check it out though.
  6. Excited about Dead Space 2? It's almost time
  7. What's going on these days man? Still working on those projects?
  8. What's up man, anything exciting? I'm bored as hell, beat Heavy Rain and lost all motivation to replay it.
  9. You're going to be on the upcoming podxast right? I just re-listened to the Dead Space episode, gah I sounded like an idiot lol. I can't believe how much time has passed since then...
  10. Do you think I could capture ps3 footage with this? I know it wont be as good as Dot's but I just want to record lol. I don't have much money eithier
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