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  1. Shit, I know. I was looking for it the other day and it was gone, a real shame. MY THOUSAND YEAR OLD PENIS
  2. It's a real tragedy. When did youtube take down "Ozwell Spencer Sings a Swell Song?"

    "This is me fucking the executioner."
  3. If God was a villain, he would have been me.
  4. It occurred to me, have you been following the production of the prequel to The Thing? I tend to knock on wood when I suggest in any capacity that it looks like they're treating this story with care, but it's still a curiosity. It's too bad that there are already some massive holes such as the presence of a female member of the Norwegian team who, of course, speaks English.
  5. Happy birthday John. You deserve to punch Reb Brown in the face whilst making a dry comment, then have a smoke with Schwarzenegger.
  6. Very good Pris, now show him why.
  7. I think, Sebastien, therefore I am.
  8. Yeah, really can't wait until the Policenauts patch is up and live. I think they're still in alpha testing right now, but I'm gonna hold off until everything's all finished, which shouldn't be too long now. I love JUNKER HQ, they're a very dedicated group of fans.
  9. Have you been following the Policenauts fan translation? I'm eager to play that game, as people have given it reviews as glowing as Snatcher and MGS. I suppose I should just be patient.
  10. Oh fuck where did that hyphen come from?
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