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  1. I do I do I do! :3 <3 I see you occasionally on PSN. How's life treating you?
    Yeah I'm in University now, haha its crazy hard. Got lots of work doing on game design. x.x
    We should play sometime. Miss our random group convos haha. xo
  2. Dafuq... Well RE6 is out and I have returned... We should play sometime if you have the game that is. I see you're still happy and growing older! In a good way of course. Hope to hear from ya again soon!
  3. Awww I miss you too!
    Sorry for late reply, this forum is gay with it's new updated notification system, not THIA's fault though ahha.
    1 year with my boyfriend and extremely happy. Life is going good and going into University in September
    I miss you too!!! xxx
  4. School has taken me over. lol I have the stomach flu today though so I'm just lurking for a bit until I pass out. Haha I miss you!!! I hope you're doing great! <3
  6. I haz new msn. Add me ;)
  7. LOL a group chat would be super fun. Your life sounds like an episode of glee right now and you're kurt and your bf is Blaine bahaha. But yeah, I've had it with trolls and internet drama, some of which I blame myself for, but I've changed a lot since last time we've spoken. Not much of a prankster anymore, sure I crack jokes and stuff, but some of the stuff I was doing was just some serious stupid shit haha. I feel bad for some of the people who had to deal with it. =( At least I gave myself enough time to change my ways and now I'm back slightly new but still have the same good attributes about me.
  8. UGh, sorry, just annoyed me so much, lol. :3
    ahah I know, she cracks jokes about knowing, which makes me feel awkward sometimes, because its not like shes saying she directly knows, even though I know she knows.
    Hard to explain lol, it just makes me feel awkawrd otherwise.
  9. Thank you very much! He's amazing and I loves him very much! :3 <3
    awwww, you'll find someone soon I'm sure. !
    Ah I getcha, what a bunch of cunts anyywa. :| and as said, I don't really use YouTube or Twitter D: so I didn't realise. ><
    Ah I get you, its coz it happened all around the same was like... D:
    Aww yeah! I missed you too! Sam and I still talk someetimesss about random shizzle dizzle; maybe we could get a group convo, all nostalgic of the old days haha. ;)
    It's okay, I knew both parents didn't like it for all my life anyway, so I'm used to them not being accepting, but like, when it's not my choice, not my decision, why should I be shunned?
    I've already had drama with the boyfriends parents too, and for about 8 weeks they've been completely fine, but yesterday when his dad saw me kiss him, he flipped out on Danny, and I got really pissed off.
    I dunno, they say they are understanding but when I did something he flipped out?
  10. Congrats on the boyfriend! I still don't have one *plays tiny violin*. I was being trolled by randoms. Someone gave out my username and it spread like wildfire. I also didn't completely disappear from the net hence the YT and twitter and whatnot ;). Also my msn friends list was beginning to get too big and i was tired of getting on and getting a kajillion IM's from people i could give a jack squat about. I should make a new sn soon though and add you and a FEW others. I miss you and Sam... aaand probably like 2 other people. All the others I can do without :|

    I'm sorry your mother isn't accepting, but at least she's not being a twat about it and trying to "straighten" you out... pun intended hehehe
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