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  1. I knew someone IRL who called himself Nemisis. He kept the name as a memento (I guess of his stupidity). But yeah thats a tough situation.
  2. I would stick with Nemesis, but how many people do you reckon are you there with that name?

    (Though I guess that most would be the very very annoying "Nemisis" or something similar to that.)
  3. Ah okay. I thought Nemesis556 was ok, I used to have numbers after my name, I just changed it to Scream eventually though. Well good luck, hope it works out!
  4. The name change is more of a continuity kind of thing as well. Nemesis556 was getting old, and I was really wanting to find something. Worse comes to worse I just chose my real name =P
  5. Haha yeah, I wanted to call the next one Nicholai but my wife doesn't like it.

    Not much of a blog guy but I'll check it out. Cos its you!
  6. Progress is really slow (unbelieveably slow) since I've got a shitload to do with University and stuff. It's a shame really.

    It's on life support through Capcomunication, a blog that's just Capcom updates (a quick google will pop it up, or some of the THIA new sources use it too). But until then, it's taking it's time.

    I see you named your kid Alexia. Need I ask where that name came from? =P
  7. Yeh it's no problem. So you still working on Capcom Central?
  8. It appears we are doing the same things! Don't mind the completely random drop in post, by the way, I just realised I haven't spoken to you since the good old WU/URES days. =P
  9. Not too bad, just working while also thinking about some new plans.

    This world is a bit messed up though, feel something big will happen soon.

    And yourself?
  10. Screeeeeeeaaaaaaaaammmmm

    How goes life? =P
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