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  1. If the game supports online play then sure count me in.
  2. IIRC, you are a big fan of Streets of Rage 2 - just like me. I guess it's being released on XBLA/PSN as a "Sega Classic" or something like that. If you have a PS3 (and if SOR2 will feature online co-op), we should play it when it comes out in May!
  3. Amen brother.
  4. Hey, I saw your concern about Chris possibly not being in DSC...I wouldn't worry, as I bet they are saving the Wesker/Chris reveals for later trailers. You know, to pump some enthusiasm for this (crappy looking so far) game.

    I bet Chris will get a single-player level like Ada or HUNK had in REUC.
  5. Gambit from the new x men movie.
  6. Who's the dude in your avatar?
  7. Good for you man.
  8. I'm here for the time being. I just finished some traveling and will be doing some more this summer while on holiday from school.
  9. Hey you're back.
  10. The only thing missing from SOR 2 was the backup that you had in the first game.
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