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  1. Thank you so much! :]
  2. Happy birthday~!
  3. Ooooh man, no joke! Nostalgia like woah! xD

    And yeah, I kinda let my character die off since I couldn't really figure out where to put her lol. But man, those were the days. I haven't seen/heard from anyone from those boards in years, so it's definitely refreshing to see someone from back then!

    And I'm so happy this board has both RE and SH in it...both of my gaming fandoms in one board. Can't beat that! =D
  4. OH MY GOD. *flails* Gosh, I miss those days. I loved that board. So many awesome memories. (Although, I think I killed my character when she got alcohol poisoning in a public bathroom, lawl.) I still keep in touch with a few people from there (Kamesen and Darkspade), but nothing can replace the good ole days! Small internet world indeed. Glad to know you're still a Resident Evil fangirl though. :3 Some things never change, nor should they!!
  5. Hoooly crap! The old RPG forum, right? Heck yeah! I remember that! That was...oh man.

    Nice seeing you again! Seriously, small world/internets xD
  6. Holy moly. I think you and I knew each other, like, YEARS ago from Captain's "Something for the Weekend" forum. Are you the same person I'm thinking about, or am I delusional? If so, I apologize for that. But, if not, OHMYGOD, hi!
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