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  1. Yay Gonna check it out! hope you have a better chunk of the script
  2. We have a new parody series "The Wesker Chronicles" on Yeti112's channel over on YouTube.
  3. Cool!!
  4. Thank you very much for the head's up. I'll be sending in an audition later on in the day!
  5. Hi girlie, how are ya ? still into voice acting ? There's an audition for a short fan made animation movie for the 25th anniversary of Ghost In The Shell, guy needs a "strong" feminin voice for the role of Kusanagi, so you might fill the bill, if you're interested that is more infos about the criteria & needs of the director with the link below

  6. Not sure which exact RE parody but either way, thank you. ^^
  7. Nice Voice acting on the RE Parody. Nice Job
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