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  1. Thank you very much. I got sushi, so that was fun!

    And American McGee's game on Kickstarter got funded too, so that was an extra plus!
  2. Happy birthday, bb! Have a good one! <3
  3. Thank you for that!

    I hope my reply in the PM isn't too long and boring!
  4. Oh, definitely! I'll send you a photo of it in response to your PM! <3
  5. Indeed it is a shame, I'm still bothered by the factor that they barely advertised it and that they pulled the merchandise so quickly.

    I would have loved for an artbook, but seeing as they hadn't made one I've had to get all of the art ripped out of the game myself. ;

    I've been wondering about the posters as the only ones I've seen are mainly fan-made OR have got a nasty rip across the middle. If at all possible, could you take a photo of the poster sometime? I've been trying to make note of all Demento pieces so I can work out what else I need to track down in the future.
  6. The mention you made here about the lack of Haunting Ground merchandise made me sad, as well. I'm so baffled that they'd have a statue of Hewie when the game, as a whole, has never been largely celebrated. It had such a quiet release and only met moderate success (which is disappointing in and of itself, being that it's an amazing game). But, we only ever received a strategy guide and the soundtrack, and that breaks my heart.

    When the game first came out, I actually won an auction on eBay for a large Japanese promotional poster for the game. I still cherish it to this day, given the fact I've never seen one available since. I only wish Capcom would've released more products for the game. At the very least, an artbook!
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