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  1. I've had vacation, and I was too lazy to go anywhere so I've been a total slob and just watched TV series and played games.
  2. yo, where you been hiding these days lol
  3. i added your MSN--No idea if that works cus I merged mine with skype
  4. Great, can't wait!!
  5. oh, sure, why not? we've already done some porn weirdness in that other topic--me singing soft kitty will be icing on the strange day cake
  6. Stud, not bad! Will you sing soft kitty for me then?
  7. eh, you know they'll prob take zac efron to be light. maybe the guy from twilight will be L lol

    ::writes her skype name in his hand:: you can always call me that way, ya stud lmao
  8. Don't worry, just playing on the " woah woah bud you don't even have my number yet" comment. (For whatever it's worth, I'm in Norway.)
    It's great, it's the second time I'm watching it. Absolutely recommended. Hollywood movie? That's just scary, can't wait to see how hard they'll butcher it.
  9. lol i live in NY, idk where you live
    deathnote is good, i had stopped watching it a while back--but i've been meaning to get back into it. i heard they're making a hollywood movie out of it
  10. Yeah good idea, give me your number and sing through the phone!
    That, or I'll get another Pepsi and watch some Death Note.
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