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  1. Haha, yeah that is damn funny!
    I absolutely loved customizing everything. My character (sexy Asian chick with a Latino accent), clothes, tatts, gang, cribs, cars and motorbikes etc. Then seeing it all in the cutscenes is amazing.
    I've nearly 100% it but there's a few things I still gotta do. There's some nice surprises that appear as you progress through the game.
    The DLC has some nice additions too.
    I was expecting a crappy GTA clone (in many ways it is) but it's better than GTA in a lot of ways...
  2. Insurance Fraud in Saints Row 2 is brilliant!
    Have barely touched the story missions but have 8x respect, just because of this mini game
  3. Yeah, I was grinning like a lunatic when I opened my package last week!

    The gold Made in Heaven wasn't in there but I've got a 2nd set on the way. The pic only showed the first and last issue so the others will be a surprise. I might get lucky.

    I'll be making scans and taking better pics of everything later.
  4. Fantastic haul!
    Colour me jealous!

    Was there a gold Made in Heaven on in there?
  5. Awesome collection in your photo albums, Gene!!! Especially the books and zippos!
    If you've got more to add (to get around the 60 pic limit), you could combine some of your photos with photoshop (or similar). 2 items per pic would let you show 120 items etc...
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