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  1. Jesus Skunky, I've been collecting the Biohazard doujinshi lately but the BH2/BH3 comics are impossible to find lol.
  2. I don't know but the suspense is killing me!
  3. Does that mean we're both wrong? lmao.
  4. Hey man! Yup, I've been away from the net for a long time...
    I've picked up a few new bits and pieces but nothing major. I still havn't got the 3 new Hot Toys figures. Did you see the Chris & Sheva figures released by Square Enix? They look a bit shit. Sheva looks like an ugly transvestite.
    I'd like some more Neca ones or another series of those Organic models. They are very nice.
  5. Long time no see, aye comrade? How's your figure collection coming along? Neca needs to hurry the hell up and release series 2 already...I want my Wesker figure!
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