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  1. Lol not at all mate just proves my point anytime certain people are put in the spotlight they block, ban or delete topics. But when I am in the wrong then its ok to leave that on the site.

  2. That's gotta hurt. Right?
  3. Oh dont worry I judged you way before I knew your age ;-)
  4. Apparently so?

    Feel free to make judgements based on a few posts on a messageboard though!
  5. Jesus man you 30 years old? Lmao.
  6. haha FANKS!
  7. Im not helping you side track another thread over the most pointless shit ever. I was there til 5.30 then I went out and stayed out when I came back alot of shit had gone down. There ok please dont reply.
  8. Hahaha your so funny! What you been up to latley? It was my birthday on Sunday. I was so gutted I didnt get a card from you. I really thought we was closer than that.
  9. There's no confusion. It's clear as day you're not very intelligent by your constant misunderstanding of the words and sentences in front of you.
  10. Exactly man everyone's opinion on here means soooo much to me.
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