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  1. That's true. Also, Stone Cold Steve Austin had returned to wrestling long ago after suffering a serious neck injury, that was stated by his doctors that he'll never wrestle again. (Which was caused by landing on his neck incorrectly while selling a piledriver)

    Anyways I'd just thought that that comment you made about Christy Hemme long ago, still gives me hope that Christy will return to the ring someday.

  2. Stars1356,

    Do you remember the time that you posted in the Wrestling thread, that you can see a possibility of Christy Hemme making a return to the ring in the future? (Which was a few months ago)

    Well even though I'm glad you have high hopes for her, but I just got to know: What makes you so sure that Christy might make a return?

    Just asking,
  3. Like your profile picture Stars1356. I've always shown a liking to that image of Barry Burton, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Brad Vickers trying to convince Chief Brian Irons to investigate Umbrella Chemical Inc.
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