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  1. Wow, as many as that? the fact you've listened to either song more than once is pretty awesome to me, i appreciate it! Hope you get a chance to check out some of the others...
  2. Thanks, much appreciated. I definitely will. Hieroglyphics and Devour the Sky have both accumulated an unhealthy 170 rounds on my Media Player stats, haha
  3. PS, that's supposed to say g.r.a.c.e... For some reason, the word has been cencored on THIA.
  4. Yeah, there's a fair few newies written in the last few months. There's some on the myspace website ( and also a few on youtube. Do a search for Stylites - ***** After Midnight on there if you're interested
  5. Hey Quinn. Any progress with your music? Any new tracks?
  6. Glad to see you posting again
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